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EZ Green Cut - 5 Gallon

EZ Green Cut - 5 Gallon

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EZ Green Cut is a diamond profiling solution containing nano abrasives which help to rapidly remove surface scratches during the grinding and cutting process. The nano abrasives work in conjunction with the tooling to reduce the need for multiple steps while profiling the floor.



Coverage Rate
: 500 sf/gal (9.82 m2/L)

Mixing: Ready to Use

Product Size: 5 Gallon Bucket



1) Saturate surface with water and keep wet.
2) Apply EZ Green Cut to the wet floor and begin grinding with Tool #1.
3) Keep the slurry in front of the grinding path. The slurry should be of the consistency of wet foam, not paste.
4) After grinding the floor with Tool #1, proceed with Tool #2. DO NOT remove or clean the slurry. Reuse the slurry while grinding with Tool #2.

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