EZ Polish System® is designed to reduce the number of polishing steps compared to traditional polishing. There are only 3 high-performance tools and 3 chemicals to complete the EZ Polish System, making it quick and time-efficient.

EZ Green Cut

+ Contains Nano Abrasives to help rapidly remove surface scratches
+ Eliminates the need for mutiple grinding steps
+ Profiles the floor

EZ Densifier

+ Hybrid Lithium Silicate Densifier, ideal for exposed or polished concrete
+ Hardens deep within the concrete to improve surface performance and resist harmful effects of traffic wear and weathering
+ Helps keep a longer lasting color with UV Stabilizers
+ Improves resistance to staining

EZ Super Guard

+ High-gloss formula gives concrete floors an impressive shine
+ Protects polished and dyed concrete from stains and etching
+ Improves clarity and gloss
+ Improves surface abrasion and durability


EZ Polish System® is a concrete polishing system that uses Precision Tooling measured by a surface texture RA meter. We use this technology to measure the Roughness Average (RA) texture of the floor through it's refinement process. RA Meters are used in the metal industry to ensure that surfaces of critical parts are manufactured to specific RA numbers.

The fact is that using RA in concrete polishing is Fairly New. In fall of 2013, the Concrete Sawing and Drilling Association (CSDA) working with ASMEASTM and ACI, issued a specification titled "Measuring Concrete Micro Surface Texture."

The standard commonly called ST-115, details methods and sets paramaters for measuring the roughness of a concrete surface. This measurement, the RA, describes: Surface Refinement; which is the average difference between profile peaks and valleys - the scratches - measured in micro-inches.

The RA is key to achieving the desired appearance, performance and sustainability of the finished polished floor.