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EZ Concrete Conditioner - 5 Gallon

EZ Concrete Conditioner - 5 Gallon

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EZ Polish System Concrete Conditioner is recommended for use wherever soft or newly placed concrete needs to be hardened, dustproofed, and improved. Chemical and abrasion resistant surfaces are required.
• Repairs Soft Concrete.
• Reconditions old concrete slabs.
• Protects against scratching or peeling.
• Ready to use from the container and easy to apply.
• Penetrates deeply into concrete to densify and harden surfaces to help prevent entry of moisture and other foreign matter.


Coverage Rate: 600-800 sf/gal (Coverage depends on equipment used)

Product Size: 5 Gallon Bucket



1) After cleaning the floor, apply the EZ Concrete Conditioner with a sprayer or microfiber mop.
2) Apply enough material to evenly coat the entire surface without dry streaking or puddling.

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