There are only 3 high-performance tools to complete the EZ Polish System. With only 3 tools, the EZ Polish System is specifically designed to be quick and time-efficient.


Step 1 

Tooling: Step 1
Use Tool #1 in conjunction with the EZ Green Cut. This can follow any metal bond such as 6, 16/20, or 30/40 grit. Once the floor is prepped with the proper metal bonds, proceed to Tool #1

Chemical: EZ Green Cut
Saturate the floor with water and keep the floor wet. Apply the EZ Green Cut to help rapidly remove scratches and use with Step 1. Keep the slurry in front of the grinding path. The slurry should be the consistency of wet foam, not paste. After completing with Tool #1, reuse the slurry while grinding with Tool #2.

Step 2

Tooling: Step 2
Use tool #2 in conjunction with the EZ Green Cut to help refine the floor. This will profile the concrete and provide a scratch-free surface.

Chemical: EZ Densifier
After finishing with tool #2, apply the EZ Densifier to harden the floor, improve surface performance, and resist the harmful effects of traffic wear. Saturate the floor with densifier  and use a microfiber applicator to spread evenly on the surface. As the product is absorbed into the surface, apply additional product as needed until the floor starts to reject the product. Must allow to dry.

Step 3

Tooling: Step 3
Use tool #3 to finish adding the polish and shine to the floor. This tool achieves a mirror-like finish in just one step.

Chemical: EZ Super Guard
After cleaning the floor, apply the EZ Super Guard to help protect the floor. It produces a high performance, water-tight repellant surface against spills, stains, and discoloration. Thoroughly wet a microfiber pad with EZ Super Guard, and use a pump sprayer to apply the product onto the concrete surface. Apply enough material to evenly coat the entire surface without dry streaking or puddling. Must allow to dry before finishing with a high-speed burnisher.