EZ Dye Color Chart

The EZ Polish System is proud to annouce that we now stock the highly anticipated EZ Dye colors! EZ Dye is a newly engineered dye formula unique to the EZ Polish System available in 24 colors. Our new formula applies evenly and consistently with even more vivid color. We offer a wide variety of available colors. Each gallon of EZ Dye can yield from 2,500 to 4,000 sqft.

• Wide variety of colors available
• Easy to apply and easy to handle
• Consistant Results
• Saves time and money
• Ideal for residential and commercial interior floors
• Easy to maintain









1) Complete step 3 of the EZ Polish System
2) Use a sprayer to apply EZ Dye onto floor
3) Work EZ Dye into the floor with a microfiber applicator
4) Wait for floor to dry then burnish using the EZ Burnish Pad
5) Apply a coat of EZ Superguard, wait until dry then burnish again with EZ Burnish Pad

Coverage Rate: 2500-3000 SQ Feet