EZ Clean Maintenance System

The EZ Clean Maintenance System is specifically designed to clean and protect polished concrete from the harmful effects of spills, stains, dirt, debris, and everyday wear. By following our maintenance system, it will significantly protect your concrete from damage and help keep its luster and shine.


1| Many Common Food Products Contain Oils and Acids

They can stain, discolor, and permanently damage unprotected concrete. For best results, make sure to clean up spills immediately and never let spills sit overnight. Vinegar, pickle juice, and mustard should be cleaned up as soon as possible.

2| Keep Your Floor Clean

Abrasive dirt like sand, sandy soils, and winter deicing salts can strip through any stain protector and dull your polished concrete. To help protect your concrete, make sure to keep the floors as clean as possible. In grittier environments, using doormats and area rugs in high traffic will help extend the life of your polished concrete.

3| Daily Cleaning

Using the EZ Maintenance Cleaner will protect the color in your floor and help extend the life of the EZ Super Guard. It has been specifically formulated to clean your floor without damaging it. Many common household cleaners can eventually strip stain protection. Only use a soft brush or white floor pads with an autoscrubber to clean the floor, never an abrassive pad.

4| Occasional Buffing

Periodically buffing the floor will help maintain the floor’s luster and shine. Use a burnisher equipped with a EZ maintenance pad. Note that overuse of diamond impregnated pads can pre-maturely wear down the stain protection.

5| Stain Protection Renewal

Re-apply Super Guard Stain Protector once buffing no longer effectively restores the shine or water is quickly absorbed into the concrete. Service life of the original application will vary depending on maintenance and traffic. Contact your applicator to schedule a renewal, and keep your floor protected.