EZ Green Cut is a diamond profiling solution containing nano abrasives which helps rapidly remove surface scratches during the grinding and cutting process. The nano abrasives work in conjunction with the tooling to reduce the need for multiple steps while profiling the floor. 
EZ Green Cut


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• Contains nano abrasives to help rapidly remove surface scratches
• Profiles the floor
• Eliminates the need for multiple grinding steps

Coverage Rate: 500 sf/gal (9.82 m2/L)

Mixing: Ready to Use

Product Size: 5 Gallon Bucket

1) Saturate surface with water and keep the floor wet
2) Apply EZ Green Cut to the wet floor and begin grinding with Tool #1
3) Keep the slurry in front of the grinding path. The slurry should be of the consistency of wet foam, not paste.
4) After grinding the floor with Tool #1, proceed with Tool #2. DO NOT remove or clean the slurry. Reuse the slurry while grinding with Tool #2.
5) Keep the slurry in front of the grinding path. The slurry should be the consistency of wet foam, not paste.
EZ Densifier is a Lithium Silicate Densifier that improves surface performance and resists the harmful effects of traffic wear and weathering by improving the abrasion resistance for new or aged concrete. Ideal for use with exposed and polished concrete. 
EZ Densifier


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• Lithium Silicate Densifier
• Hardens deep within the concrete to improve surface performance and resist harmful effects of traffic wear and weathering
• Ideal for exposed or polished concrete
• Helps keep a longer lasting color with UV stabilizers
• Improves resistance to staining

Coverage Rate: 500-700 sf/gal (12-17 m2/L)

Mixing: Ready to Use

Product Size: 5 Gallon Bucket

1) Complete main floor grind up to Tool #2
2) Remove all dust and debris using an automatic floor scrubber and fresh water. Must allow to dry.
3) Spray EZ Densifier onto the concrete floor and use a microfiber applicator to spread evenly on the surface. As product is absorbed into the surface, apply additional product as needed until floor starts to reject the Densifier.
4) Keep the floor wet for 15 minutes while spreading with a mop to avoid puddles. Must allow to dry.

EZ Super Guard is a stain protector that is specifically formulated to protect polished and dyed concrete from stains and etching.It is designed to add stain resistance, color protection, and color enhancement. This is a high-gloss formula giving your concrete floors an impressive shine.
EZ Super Guard


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• High-gloss formula gives concrete floors an impressive shine
• Protects polished and dyed concrete from stains and etching
• Improves clarity and gloss
• Improves surface abrasion and durability
• Burnish with EZ Pad when dry

Coverage Rate: 2,000-2,500 sf/gal (49-61 m2/L)

Mixing: Ready to Use

Product Size: 5 Gallon Bucket

1) Thoroughly wet a microfiber pad with EZ Guard
2) Use a pump sprayer to apply EZ Guard onto the concrete surface and immediately spread evenly with a microfiber applicator. Apply enough material to evenly coat the entire surface without dry streaking or puddling
3) Allow EZ Super Guard to air dry to a tack-free state. Burnish the floor with a high-speed burnisher using an EZ Pad
4) Keep the floor dry for a minimum of 30 minutes after application

EZ Maintenance Cleaner is specifically designed to remove daily debris from hard surfaces while extending the life of the EZ Super Guard on polished concrete. The cleaner rejuvenates water repellency of stain protection, especially in high traffic areas. The EZ cleaner contains no harsh chemicals. 
EZ Maintenance Cleaner


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• Removes daily debris from hard surfaces
• Extends life of the EZ Super Guard on polished concrete
• No harsh chemicals
• Does not damage concrete surfaces
• Rejuvenates water repellency of stain protection

Coverage Rate: 75,000-1,000,000 sf/gal (Coverage depends on equipment used)

Mixing: 4 oz to 25 gallon water

Product Size: 1 Gallon Bottle, 5 Gallon Bucket

1) Apply EZ Maintenance Cleaner with an autoscrubber or mop. The autoscrubber should be fitted with a non-aggressive cleaning brush or pad.
2) After cleaning the floor, let the surface dry before allowing traffic to resume.
3) Remove dust and debris with a microfiber pad or dry mop between cleanings.
4) Regularly check the wear of the floor to determine if EZ Super Guard needs to be reapplied.

The EZ Grouting System is designed for repairing damaged control joints, filling pin holes, cracks, and chipped or damaged concrete.  For use with the EZ Polish System.  EZ Grouting System has a part A and part B, and is rapid setting and high strength.

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• Fill holes and cracks prior to polishing to ensure a flat and even floor profile
• Easy to mix and apply
• 2 Part Mixture Part A and Part B
• Rapid set, and high strength
• Intended for use in damaged control joints, pin holes, cracks, and chipped or damaged concrete

1) For small hole repair mix 1 part A to 1 part B in a small mixing cup, then add grouting compound and mix
2) Fill holes with grouting mixture and wait until completely dry
3) After dry use a handgrinder to level the repairs.
4) For small pinholes mix 1 part A to 1 part B in a small mixing cup
5) Apply a thin coat to the floor using a metal finishing trowel
6) Wait for the floor to completely dry
7) Continue with the EZ Polish system

Mixing: 1 Part A to 1 Part B.  Add grouting compound

EZ Grouting System Technical Data

EZ Grouting System MSDS Sheet

EZ Dye is a newly engineered dye formula unique to the EZ Polish System.  Our new formula applies evenly and consistently with even more vivid color.  We offer a wide variety of available colors, see our color guide below. 

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• Wide variety of colors available
• Easy to apply and easy to handle
• Consistant Results
• Saves time and money
• Ideal for residential and commercial interior floors
• Easy to maintain

1) Complete step 3 of the EZ Polish System
2) Use a sprayer to apply EZ Dye onto floor
3) Work EZ Dye into the floor with a microfiber applicator
4) Wait for floor to dry then burnish using the EZ Burnish Pad
5) Apply a coat of EZ Superguard, wait until dry then burnish again with EZ Burnish Pad

Coverage Rate: 2500-3000 SQ Feet

Mixing: Ready to Use