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We are finally back and unpacked from World of Concrete 2018! Our team had a fantastic time meeting all of you and introducing people to our EZ Polish System, a system we’re so proud of.

The team here at EZ Polish would like to congratulate our lucky winner from the drawing that took place at the 2018 World of Concrete. Congratulations Michael Roth, we hope you enjoy your brand new YETI roadie 20!

During our week at World of Concrete 2018, we announced GranQuartz as a new distributor of EZ Polish System and would also like to acknowledge their hard work at promoting EZ Polish. They achieved three full demos a day on how the system works and we couldn’t be any prouder of them. They have stores across the US and you can find the nearest distributor here.

We’re so excited to be kicking 2018 off strong by partnering and working with so many new customers and distributors as we grow our company across the world. So many people are discovering this revolutionary concrete polishing system and just how cost efficient and easy the EZ Polish System is. We currently have 25 locations distributing the EZ Polish System across the country, as well as 2 distributors in Canada. We look forward to growing more across the world within this upcoming year.

We’re very excited for what this year has in store, so be sure to check us out on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter to stay up to date on the latest specials, events, and more!

EZ Polish booth at World of Concrete
EZ Polish booth at World of Concrete


Step 1 of the EZ Polish System WOC
Step 1 of the EZ Polish System, changing the way of concrete polishing.
EZ Polish Blue Dye - Concrete Polishing
EZ Polish Blue Dye

About the EZ Polish System

The EZ Polish System is designed to reduce the number of polishing steps compared to traditional polishing. Our revolutionary system is designed to reduce labor costs. There are only 3 high-performance tools to complete the EZ Polish System. With only 3 tools, the EZ Polish System is specifically designed to be quick and time-efficient.

The EZ Polish System uses Precision Technology measured by surface texture meters. At EZ Polish we use sustainable numbers, not grits to determine surface textures. Our proven technology is very different than standard methods. The EZ Polish system grinds down on the concrete thus creating a cleaner, finer surface. Most standard polishing methods grind in an upward motion which pulls concrete fines out and makes the concrete more prone to form small pin holes and show other imperfections.  our new ez concrete system is revolutionizing the industry.

Our complete line includes polishing tooling and specific chemicals. We offer a wide variety of color dye options and we stock the EZ Grouting System.

Our headquarters are based out of San Diego, CA, and we distribute our products all over the United States. We are committed to providing quality customer service to anyone using our EZ Polish System.

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